Turkish singer/songwriter and guitarist, based in the Netherlands. Released his latest singles Battal and Kano in 2020. Released two albums, Gelecek Senindir (2017) and Amos (2010). Co-founded the band ALT which was active between 2001-2006 The band made a name of itself in the Turkish alternative music scene by its demo “Aç Kanatlarını” (2001) and EP Ikinci Dönem (2006).

New single out now

I'm excited to announce that Goldmund released by January 15, 2021!

A melody I recorded 15 years ago has now turned into a song. Working on this song was like time travel to my youth. The novel Narcissus and Goldmund, all the youthful feelings Goldmund represented to me, and the search for himself were always on my mind throughout the process. It is yours now. Hope you like it and share.


2010 (Album)
Gelecek Senindir
2017 (Album)
2020 (Single)
2020 (Single)